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Учебник Starlight-10, упражнение 8 на стр.71, а также 1-4 на стр.72-73
Просмотров: 458 | Дата: 25.01.2018

Отмена занятий из-за низких температур - не повод грустить по пропущенным урокам. Задание для 10-Г класса по английскому языку групп Ирина Германовны и Вадима Евгеньевича на 25 января :

Учебник Stralight-10, выполнить упражнения 1 -6 на стр. 70-71 и прочитать / изучить грамматический материал на стр 71.
Просмотров: 478 | Дата: 23.01.2018

[size=16]1. You are going to give a talk about relationship with friends. Remember to say:
how people choose friends
why friends quarrel sometimes
what makes friendship so necessary to everybody

2. You are going to give a talk about a cult figure. Remember to say:
what a cult figure is
why some people become cult figures or role models for others
what kind of personmay become your role model in life
3. You are going to give a talk about the Internet. Remember to say:
why teenagers use the Internet so often
whether the Internet is a reliable source of information, why/why not?
what dangers teenagers can face when they use the Internet

4. You are going to give a talk about tourism. Remember to say:
why so many people visit London
what places in London you find most interesting for tourists
where in Britain you would like to go if you could choose

[b]Speak for not more than 2 min(10-12 sentences).
Просмотров: 917 | Дата: 16.05.2017

Страница 252-253. Учить таблицу стр.23-23. Учить тему
Просмотров: 738 | Дата: 27.04.2016

Choosing a career

1. Have you ever thought of your future profession?
2. Of course I have. You know, choosing a career is not easy. I can't decide what is better-to be employed by the government or a company, or work freelance.
1. I see. A lot of people change their minds many times. They follow friends' advice or follow in parents' footsteps.
2. My parents are doctors. They would like me to be a doctor, too. They say it's a prestigious and satisfying profession, but i think it's exhausting. If you ask me, the job should be creative and challenging.
1. I agree. I hate doing something boring or monotoneous, that's why I am dreaming of a job that requires meeting people and travelling a lot - a travel agent.
2. What influenced your choice?
1. My personal qualities. I get along well with different people. And my ambitions. Such job can give me promotion, financial reward, some perks and bonuses.
2. Well, i am sure it's your cup of tea! As for me, it will take me a long time to make up my mind, I am afraid.


1. Vova, I need your help. I am writing a report about the system of education in Russia. Can you answer some questions, please?
2. Certainly. What do you want to know?
1. What is the usual school age in Russia?
2. Children start their education at seven and stay in primary school until they are eleven or twelve.
1. ... Читать дальше »
Просмотров: 1033 | Дата: 12.03.2016

A: Can you tell me what the word "science" means?
B: Generally speaking, science can be defined as the development and systematization of people's knowledge about the physical universe. The word "science" also means a branch of such knowledge.
A: Can you name any branches of science?
B: Some of the branches are physics, chemistry, biology, and others.
A: Do you happen to know how scientists make discoveries and inventions?
B: It seems to me that they do researches using scientific methods and studies.
A: What reasearches are being done nowadays?
B: In my opinion some of the urgent problems scientific minds are working at are finding and using alternative sources of energy, recycling and reusing materials, exploring the underwater world, UFOs and the possibility of alien visits.
A: If you ask me, I am interested in space exploration.
B: Me too. Do you know that Russian scientists Tsiolkovsky and Korolev were the pioneers in it?
A: Of course I do. And nowadays our scientists and engineers do their best to maintain space flights. They build spacecraft and launch them into space.
Просмотров: 857 | Дата: 14.02.2016

[size=12]Дорогие ребята, карантин продлен до 8.02. Вот задание на эту неделю.

7 класс
1. с.178 изучайте таблицу, у.27 сделайте устно, у. 28 письменно
2. с.180 изучайте таблицу, у.29В письменно
3. с.183 выучить значения глагола RUN, у.34 письменно
4. с.184 у. 35.36 выписать значения новых слову, у. 40 с.188 устно.


1.Потренеруйтесь в употреблении новых слов, у.45,47,48 с.164-165 устно
2. с.165 изучите таблицу,у.49 и 51 письменно
3. с.166 изучите таблицу. у. 52 письменно
4. с.167 у.54 прочитайте и переведите текст
Просмотров: 777 | Дата: 02.02.2016

Дорогие ребята, вот задание на период карантина:

7 класс

1. стр. 161 List A List B - выучить наизусть и сделать упр. 4В письменно
2. стр. 165 таблица артиклей, упр. 10, стр.165 - письменно
3. стр. 166 таблица употребления времен для описания действий в будущем упр.13, стр.167 - письменно
4. Упр.18, стр.171 прочитать и перевести текст

8 класс

1.Изучите модальные глаголы по таблице на стр. 152-153. Сделайте упр. 25, стр.153 и упр.27, стр.154
2. Изучите модальные глаголы should и ought to по таблице стр.155 и сделайте упр. 31, стр.155
3.Фразовый глагол to see стр.160, упр.38 устно и упр.39 письменно
4. Новые слова упр.41,42 на стр.161 и упр.43 на стр.163 - письменно. Упр. 44,164 - устно
Просмотров: 1033 | Дата: 25.01.2016

1. They say that teenagers don't read books nowadays.

2. Really? As for me, I"m fond of reading.My parents read to me when I was a child and then at the age of six I began reading myself.

1. And I was taught to read by my elder sister. " Peter Pan" was my favourite fairy tale.

2. I liked it too. It's so exciting. What books do you prefer now?

1. I'm interested in historical novels,detective stories, biographies of celebrities. And you?

2. I'm fond of horror stories. They are thrilling and fast-moving.Have you read the latest one by S. King?

1. No. It's not my cup of tea, I'm afraid.I prefer classics.

2. I see. Who is your favourite author?

1. Mark Twain. He was a talented writer and an extraordinary person. He is one of the most popular writers of the 20-th century. I'm sure that "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is a must to readfor everybody. Do you agree?

2. Absolutely. In my opinion, all educated people should also know ancient, medieval and modern authors.

1. Why do you think people still read books?

2. Books transport us into new worlds and introduce us to people who live exciting lives.

1. Oh, yes. We can travel all over the world sitting in a cosy armchairin our room in a small Siberian town.

Просмотров: 843 | Дата: 16.03.2015

Готовимся к контролю диалогов!

Диалог №1

Leo: Jane, have you ever been to Russia?

Jane: No, I haven't, but I'd love to. Have you?

Leo: Yes, I have. We went to Russia last year.

Jane: Did you like it? They say Russian people are rather hospitable.

Leo: Yes, they definitely are. And they are very proud of their Motherland. As you know, Russia is the largest country in the world.

Jane: I know it. Our geography teacher says that Russia borders on 13 countries and is washed by 12 seas and 3 oceans. So, which cities of Russia did you visit?

Leo: I spent a week in Moscow. This ancient city was founded in 1147.
Nowadays it’s a unique historical and cultural centre. We went sightseeing a lot. In Moscow we visited Red Square, the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Tretyakov Gallery. It made a great impression on me.

Jane: What food do Russians usually eat?

Leo: Different soups like shchi or borshch, pancakes with honey, little pies – pirozhki, and pelmeni. Everything I ate was very tasty.

Jane: Oh, I'm a bit jealous. I would also like to try Russian dishes! It's my dream to see the main sights of this country.

Leo: Let’s go there together next summer.
Просмотров: 819 | Дата: 11.03.2015

Завтра, 24.02 класс выходит на занятия. Расписание прежнее. Первым уроком Англ.яз)))увидимся!!!
Просмотров: 838 | Дата: 23.02.2015

Дорогие мои мальчишки, с праздником!!!
Вы у нас замечательные! Будьте всегда здоровыми, веселыми. энергичными!
Нам важно всегда чувствовать вашу поддержку и защиту!!!
Просмотров: 797 | Дата: 23.02.2015

Сегодня у родителей конец трудовой недели, просим их помочь нам в изучении английского: продиктовать слова диктанта ( вы пишете его в тетрадях) и прослушать. как вы выучили тему " Чтение". Можете вместе просмотреть доп.материал на стр.205-209.
А вот тест делаете самостоятельно!!!)))

Fill trhe gaps

1. He ran____ to sea at the age of 14 and never returned home.
2. She doesn't like your success. That's why she's always running you____ .
3. The battery won't work. It has run ___ .
4. Our food will soon run ___ .
5. A small rabbit has been run ___ by a bus.
6. I'm afraid we have run ___ of petrol.

Complete the sentences

1. Ask the teacher when( вы будете писать тест).
2. If they ( отошлют письмо завтра), you'll get it in two days.
3. ( Если ты будешь говорить тихо) nobody will hear you.
4. Ask him ( когда он придет).
5. It will be a gloomy day( если погода не изменится).

Fill in the articles where necessary

1. Brazil exports a lot of ___ coffee.
2. Gold is ___ metal.
3. Jane always has ___ light breakfast in the morning.
4. ___ lunch that was served yesterday was very good.
5.Shall we go for__ walk after___ supper?
6. Would you like___ ice cream?
7. Pass me ___ sugar, please.

Сегодня мы начинаем тему "Популярные виды искусства". Устно сделайте упр в учебнике стр.210 упр 1-4.
... Читать дальше »
Просмотров: 1200 | Дата: 20.02.2015

[color=red][size=8]Уважаемые родители и учащиеся 7г класса, карантин продлен до 23.02 включительно. Прошу всех, кто в этот день будет еще болен, позвонить кл. руководителю и сообщить. Не забывайте заходить на сайт и выполнять ДЗ по всем предметам. До встречи! Не болейте!
Просмотров: 826 | Дата: 18.02.2015

сегодня слушаем текст упр.47 Aladdin and the Magic Lamp и выполняем задание В,С стр.192
Просмотров: 790 | Дата: 18.02.2015

Ребята, сегодня придется потрудиться, повторить все,что узнали по теме "Радость чтения" и написать монологическое высказывание, пользуясь материалами учебника и своим опытом. Вам поможет информация на стр. 158,171,196,198,201. Удачи!
Просмотров: 750 | Дата: 18.02.2015

Упр 66 стр.203 письменно. Применяем свои знания употребления будущего времени!
Готовимся к диктанту стр. 184-187 Слова: household,speech, to spoil( spoilt),to manage,cosy,a search, to search for, to pick, fascination,fascinating, an adventure, an edition,to contain, contents,to impress,an impression, impressive, to make an impression on smb, to introduce, to introduce smb to smb
Просмотров: 793 | Дата: 16.02.2015

Изучить материал и сделать упражнения: с.178-180 таблицы и упр.27,28,29В
с. 182-183 упр.32,33
глагол RUN, упр.34
Новые слова упр. 35,36,37
Просмотров: 736 | Дата: 03.02.2015

Уважаемые семиклассники! Вам предлагается посмотреть два видео:

Ссылки тут: The English Tense

English Proverbs

Задание: повторение времен английских глаголов. Идиомы и поговорки
Просмотров: 800 | Дата: 19.11.2014

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