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Последний контроль в 5-х классах!
At the Doctor’s
Patient: Oh, Doctor, I have a bad cough.
Doctor: I see, the cough sounds really very bad. How long have you had it?
Patient: For about 2 weeks.
Doctor: I see, take off your blouse. I would like to listen to your heart and lungs. Breathe in deeply, that’s right … and again, please …
Patient: Yes, Doctor, and I have a terrible headache.
Doctor: Have you taken your temperature?
Patient: Yes, it’s 38 degrees.
Doctor: You’ve got a cold, but don’t worry.
Patient: What shall I take for my cold?
Doctor: Take this medicine 3 times a day after meals. You should stay in bed for a few days and don’t forget to drink warm milk with honey regularly!
Patient: Thank you, Doctor.
Doctor: Not at all, I hope you will recover soon.

At the Chemist’s
Chemist: Good morning, what can I do for you?
Mrs. Brown: Good morning. The matter is that my son is ill. He has got a bad cold. The doctor has prescribed him some medicine and a cough mixture. Can you help me?
Chemist: Of course, I can. Would you kindly give me your prescriptions?
Mrs. Brown: Here you are.
Chemist: Let me see, yes, we’ve got this medicine for a headache, it’s rather effective.
Mrs. Brown: Isn’t it harmful?
Chemist: Oh, no, it hasn’t any side effects practically.
Mrs. Brown: Thank you, and what about the cough mixture? When will it be ready?
Chemist: Well, it’ll be made up in half an hour, I suppose. Will you please come a bit later?
Mrs. Brown: Ok, how much does it cost?
Chemist: Three pounds, please.
Mrs. Brown: Here you are. Thank you very much.
Chemist: You are welcome. I wish your son will recover soon. Goodbye!
Mrs. Brown: Goodbye!

At the Hotel
Mrs Brown: Excuse me, I’m looking for a hotel to stay at. What would you recommend?
Information Clerk: How long are you going to stay?
Mrs Brown: Two or three nights, I think. Could you, please, look for some hotel near the centre?
I.C.: Yes, Madam, naturally. Is it a single room you want?
Mrs Brown: No, a double room, please. My husband is joining me.
I.C.: Would you like to have your own bathroom?
Mrs Brown: Yes, of course.
I.C.: Right. Now can I offer you New Barbican, Madam? It is a modern hotel, comfortably furnished. All rooms have telephone and a TV set.
Mrs Brown: Is the hotel far from the main sights of the city? Where exactly is it?
I.C.: In Central Street, Madam. It is not far from the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.
Mrs Brown: How much does it cost?
I.C.: It is 40 pounds per person per night.
Mrs Brown: Fine. Is there a car park?
I.C.: Yes, the hotel has its own car park.

What should we do to keep fit
David: Hi, Steve. You look fantastic! I haven’t seen you for a long time. You really look healthy.
Steve: I guess I do. I hardly ever get a cold and never suffer from anything.
David: No headaches, backaches and pains in the stomach?
Steve: No, and my legs don’t hurt and my arms don’t hurt either.
David: Do you think that’s because of your diet or the exercise you take?
Steve: Oh, I don’t know. I mean I like food, and I think I eat healthy food – fruit, vegetables, lots of salad. But I also enjoy fried food, meat, fish. I like dairy products and I am fond of pancakes with caviar. In fact I like neither bitter nor sweet things. So, as you see I don’t keep to any diet.
David: No, definitely not. Do you take regular exercise?
Steve: Not enough I think. My work keeps me busy. In summer I play volleyball, swim and ride a bicycle. Last summer I tried to ride a horse, but understood that wasn’t my cup of tea.
David: Do you go in for any winter sports?
Steve: Not really. I mean I walk a lot. By the way I don’t smoke and I never drink alcohol, only soft drinks.
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