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"Теория и практика перевода" 11-Г (филология) Тема : "Реферативный перевод", 26 мая 2020 г.

Добрый день, уважаемый 11-Г  !

Сегодня заключительный урок нашего курса "Теория и практика перевода". Задание еще было определено на прошлом уроке 19 мая. Нужно отредактированный текст в соответствтвии с требованиями к реферативному переводу ( еще раз смотрите задание от 19 мая) перевести. Жду ваших ответов )))

Текст повторяю полностью:


At a  little  past  noon on a summer day in the thirty-third year since Mrs.  Spicer shrieked at what she  saw,  thereby  startling  her husband, George,  I  looked  out  on the waters (dark they were,  like

iodine) of Loch Ness, and there before me...

     But first  let  me  tell  of  the circumstances that brought me to those shores in the melancholy Highlands of northern Scotland.

     The legend  of  Loch  Ness has in recent times undergone the most serious and skilled investigations in 1,400 years  -  since  the  time when, as the story goes, St. Columbia commanded a "fearsome beastie" in the waters to back off and  behave  itself.  The  past  summer  was  a particularly busy season there.  From Inverness  and on south to Fort Augustus,  scientists were at work to find  something outside and  alive  in  that  largest of the British Isles' freshwater lakes.

     It involved  much  more  than  simply  watching and waiting.  They positioned highly sophisticated camera gear below  the  surface.  They played recorded beeper sound meant to attract even the most elusive of lake life. They set sonar to work, scanning the cold depths. They used mathematics and physics and electronic wizardry.

     And when  the  summer  ended  -  when  they  returned  to   their universities and laboratories - the  legend had been invested with, if not reality, then a certain kind of respectability.

     I was  there  to observe the search,  and,  in truth,  I went not without hopes of seeing and unusual animal in the  loch.  Not  that  I believed in  the  existence  of  such  a  creature,  and  not  that  I disbelieved. Rather,  standing beside those fabled waters, my thoughts teetered on a line of slack skepticism.

     There were other  observers:  the  Camerons  and  Campbells,  the MacKenzies and MacDonalds,  Mac this and Mac that - the good people of that good land,  Highland born and Highland reared.  Well,  there  were some among  them who wouldn't have been surprised had something turned up. That's because they say they've seen the animal.

     Alex Campbell:  "It  was  mid-May 1934.  I was looking across the water, and,  heavens, there was this terrific upsurge about 200 to 250 yards distant.  And  then  this huge neck appeared,  six feet at least above the water,  with small head that kept turning nervously. Oh, the head was just going. I said, "This is fantastic", and then I did this (blinking his eyes),  just to make sure it wasn't imagination. Aye, it was there,  all right.  As soon as the bow of a trawler appeared,  the creature saw it, and swoosh, for heaven's sake, what a dive!"

     That was the first sighting.  he has had 17 others. Now it should be understood that Alex Campbell is not a man  given  to  histrionics. Soft-spoken and gentle of manner,  he continues to live, at the age of 75, in the house where he was  born,  a  cottage  by  the  River  Oich throttled by  flowers.  For many years he was the water bailiff in the area, with a chief responsibility of protecting the salmon that  enter Loch Ness.  And  for  many  years  too  he  has been the Fort Augustus correspondent for an Inverness newspaper.

     "The phone  once  rang",  he  said  lighting  the  second of four cigarettes he smokes each day,  "and it was one of the two ladies  who used to  live in the big house across the river.  They were in what we call the wealthier class.  Nicer ladies you never  met.  They  weren't young, but  they  were  still  quite able and fit.  The one who phoned said: "Alex, Alex, we've seen him, upstairs from the bedroom window." I asked her  to  tell me what they saw from the window - it's a gorgeous view of Loch Ness from there - and she said it was a huge hump in  the water. Then within seconds another,  smaller hump appeared,  a hundred yards or so behind the other.  And then she said, for heaven's sake, athird, even smaller hump was there.  So we agreed that it was a family of them,  with the huge hump being  the  daddy,  the  middle  one  the mother, and the wee one in the rear the baby.

     Long neck, small head, humps - the description runs like a litany through the catalog of more than 3,000 recorded  sightings  since  the early 1930's.  Length  twenty  feet  or so.  Dark in color.  And fast moving. Many have said that it resembles an upturned boat in the water.

     The animal has also been reported seen out of water.  "Loathsome" might be the way to describe it  then,  and  indeed,  that's  the  word George Spicer used after he and his wife encountered something in 1933 on the loch skirting road between the villages of Dores and Foyer.  They said it  looked  like  a monstrous snail as it lurched heavily down an embankment toward the water.  A later version reported it was carrying something in its mouth - a lamb, maybe.

     It was the next year, in 1934, that the legend took on substance. In that year a London surgeon, R.Kenneth Wilson, pointed his camera at the loch and recorded an image that would serve even until now as  the logo for  the  mystery.  It  showed...  what?  A  shadow,  a  bird,  a mischievous play of sunlight on the rippled  waters?  Perhaps  one  of those. More  that anything,  however,  it showed something resembling, yes, a long neck and small head.

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